Junior Soccer Clubs ~ After School Sessions

Mon: SS Mary & John / Tues: Great Milton / Wed: St. Barnabas ~ Thurs: Lt Milton / Fri: Bayards Hill Girls

Venues: Sessions are on your school playing field unless otherwise stated  

Clothing: Please wear warm, comfortable appropriate clothing & footwear ~ always bring a drink

After-School Soccer Clubs are run by Miss Paula "PEE" Callinan. Having now retired from playing league football, Paula dedicates her time to teaching children the FUNdamental basics for enjoying football, from grass roots upwards, & maybe, like her you could go on and play in an FA Cup Final. 

During her career Paula captained Rover Oxford & Oxford City ladies in the South West Combination leagues.

Paula is "A True Winner".

The Junior Soccer Courses are set up and delivered in our own unique way becoming part of your child's school week.

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