As grateful as i am to all below, running my company has been, like any other... Challeging.

But let me tell you, if you haven't got a decent business manager, find another Bank! I have been fortunate enough to have had the same business manager thnroughout. With this in mind. I would like to say a personal Thank You to Mr. Robert Wilkinson.

The JSC Programmes are carefully constructed from my time working alongside 

"The Counties finest" Since 1975, "Real" people who dedicate their lives to the welfare of young people. 

I'd like to take this opportunity to say Thanks... It's been a pleasure,

I'm saying it now, because you never know what's around the corner & sometimes you don't get a chance!

Robert "Bob" Ewers ~ Jimmy Fawke ~ Mark Winterbourne ~ Shazza ~ Camel~  Stephen Walton ~ R.I.P. friends & thank you so very much

 Northway Boys F.C.

The Ewers Family ~ The Mulvaney's ~ The Fawke's (I'm eternally grateful)

 Council, Sports Development & Leisure Services staff:

Jon Glenn, Kam Raval, Darren Rogers & Debbie Tranter, Glynn Williams,

Rupert Evans, Margaret Stevens, Trevor Evans, Danny Williams, Ian Griffiths,

Fitzie Dyce, The Oakley family... Bev, Ben, Natalie, Lucy & Ed,

Ben Threadgold, Chris "CJ" Johnson, Craig Mortiboys, Lisa Wellings, Nicki Couzens


Bob & Dawn Wyllie, Mickey Lewis, Les Taylor, John Harvey~Lynch, Kelvin Alexis, Chrissy Allen, Peter Rhodes Brown, Ken Fish, John Clinkard, Malcolm Elias, Ray Garydon ~ Lucy Wellings, Ian Mason, Lucy Barrett, Lisa Brookes, Ted Mitchell,

Alan "Spanner" Spence, Andy Bennett, Mary & Steve Symmonds, Anne & Dave Sandy, Terry Crane, Pee Callinan, Randal Bates, Mark Adams, Mick Woodley, Brian Cox, Colin Taylor, John Shepherd, Paul Lee, Chris Perkins, Andy Slater & All my long time friends at Oxford City F.C.  

Barton Neighbourhood Centre:

Paul Isaacs & Susan Holden (O.B.E.) Phil Jones, Eugina Stevenson & The Gang
Oxfordshire County Council: PRUIS UNIT

Mrs. Stella Oakes

 Oxfordshire County Council: Youth Support Services

Rachael Hills ~ Tina Cockcroft, Kev Jackson ~ Osmond Charles

Oxfordshire Education Business Partnership:

Heads ~ Deputies & Staff:

Liz Hounsell ~ Rebecca Underwood ~ Debbie & Tracy Chapman

Margaret Wiggall, Fran Hill, Sue Grundy, Rhona Biel, Leslie Hewlitt, 

Pip Murray & Silvia, Hilary & Sheila (St. Barnabas),

Eve Hunter, Jayne White,

Kathy Turner, Alison Holden, Bernadette Fathers,

Ron Holland, Keith Ponsford, Sally & Phil Pether ~ Joan Charles ~ Donald McEwen

Miss Dianne E. Carbon. (I'm so very proud of you sister x)


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