Our Mission statement... since 1995 "Enhance lives & Promote Talents"

Regardless of ones age, gender, religion, social or economic background

Pupils confirmed for 2018: Luke ~ Kiya ~ Keeley  

In partnership with Oxford Education Business Partnership (OEBP)
JSC has been presented the prestigious award "Investment In Education" after 15 years service & with a Win Win partnership with OEBP (Oxford Education Business Partnership).  We provide work experience placements for year 10, 11 & 12 students:

Quotes from those who've benefitted:

"Being part of JSC was amazing, getting to teach children new skills and organise a range of fun activities. I found out how enjoyable it was & I'm now looking at going to University & become a sports coach."   Lizzie M ~ Gosford Hill School

"I have been associated with GM JSC for over a year now and, I feel in that time it has really improved me as a sports coach. It has allowed me to combine my passion for sport and working with children." Phil G ~ Iffley Mead School (Sports tutor)

"Doing my work experience with JSC was great. Having the opportunity to teach children something i love was amazing and at the same time i enjoyed it. By having the chance to do this i'm hoping it will  get me somewhere closer to teaching sports to children."  Kiaya M ~ The Cherwell School.


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